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Poker Rally



Pictures from our 2nd annual (2006) Poker Rally event

All participants enjoyed themselves even though the weather was not cooperating.

We started at the Wetaskiwin Wendy's parking lot, toured through Usona, took a trip through Crestomere, had time to take a 'breather' and the event was completed at one of the Bentley Parks in town.

 Some of the questions that were asked along the way were:

1) Which manufacturer is most prominent amongst these cars?

2) How much was gasoline in 1962?

If you have more information about your vehicle, specifications, or other information that you would like to share, send an e-mail to the webmaster and we will add it to your picture.

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Starting Point of the 2nd Annual Poker Rally.
Gary and Kathy Parenteau with their 1990 Chrysler New Yorker.
Cameron and Tyler Bailer, Gary and Nick Breitkreuz and with their 1994 Oldsmobile.
Marv and Francie Bredeson in their 1996 Chrysler Cirrus.
Trevor and Kris Pawloske and their 2001 Toyota Highlander.
Phil Lidros along with Sarah Parenteau in the 1989 Chevrolet 1/2 ton.
Rob and TJ Dahms in the 1951 Ford.
Prize winners for the Poker Rally.


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