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06 Show N Shine



Here are picture of the Winners of our 2006 Show and Shine

We appreciate all of the participants who took part in our Third annual Show and Shine.

If you have more information about yourself, the award, or your vehicle that you would like to share, send an e-mail to the webmaster and we will add it to your picture.

Although the pictures are optimized for the internet, they may require some additional time to download. 

Click on the picture to view the larger version

50/50 Winner
Bill Dehaan

Online Shopping Spree Winner

Kathy Accepted in Lieu-of


Concorde Automotive Consulting

Best Car 1940's and Older

Jim Mass

Best 1950's Car

Rob Dahms

Best 1960's Car

Rick Amodeo

Best 1970's Car

Kathy Parenteau

Best Car -1980's

The Brack Family

Best 90's and Newer

Cameron Bailer

Best Motorcycle

Bill Dehaan

Best Truck

Darcy Kozicky

Best Custom Vehicle

Eric Poulsen

Best Work in Progress

Alex Quast

Competitors Choice

Eric Poulsen

People's Choice

Kathy Parenteau

Dealers Choice

Ross Dupen

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